Clever Uses of Plaster Corbels for Your Home

Blog |July 17th, 2017

Enhancing your home with accent pieces or architectural features can be expensive in some cases. However, if you turn to plaster corbels, you can accomplish this task in an attractive, affordable fashion. The origin of these elements dates back to Neolithic times, and they have been made from materials ranging from timber to plaster throughout the years. While most people think of these as exterior features on buildings, homeowners are installing them throughout their homes today. We provide a number of uses for these corbels in the following list.

An Enhancement over Your Kitchen Window

Corbels of plaster make an attractive enhancement over your kitchen sink, especially when you have a window in this location. You can attach them in a horizontal position to the upper exterior of the cabinets that are each side of the sink. They will frame the top of the window when you install them in this manner.

A Pair of Unique Bookends

Use two corbels as a pair of bookends with your favourite books. Set them on the backsides with one on each side of a line of books to hold them in an upright position.

Accentuate the Entryway to a Room

When one room leads smoothly to another room without any doors, use the corbels to accentuate the entryway to the rooms. An example of this is a sunroom right off the living room with a wide transitional area in between. Place on plaster corbel on each side of this area up next to the ceiling to create definition in this transitional area.

Shelf Supports

Plaster corbels make sturdy shelf supports. They also provide a decorative touch at the same time.

Hide Storage Areas behind Plaster Corbels

An unusual use for these corbels is to install one to hide a sliding storage unit in your kitchen or another room in the house. You even can use it as a handle to slide the unit towards you to access your belongings.

Adornment for Underneath Cabinets

The underneath side of your kitchen cabinets can be quite plain without an adornment of some type. Plaster corbels fit the bill for this in a stylish, even elegant fashion. You can transform an ordinary kitchen into a showplace simply by adding these corbels in strategic locations on the bottom of your kitchen cabinetry.

Rely on Hopkins Plaster for your plaster corbels for whatever purpose to complement your home according to your preferences. We offer a wide selection of styles from which to choose and will customise if necessary. In addition, we carry a number of other plaster elements for decorative or architectural enhancements.

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