Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Plaster Ceilings

Blog |September 27th, 2017

When you have plaster ceilings, it is important to clean and maintain them in the proper manner in order for them to retain their durable, attractive condition. Without this care, these ceilings may stain or discolour as the dirt, dust and smoke residues from cooking seep further into the plaster. To prevent damage from occurring to your ceiling, you should understand the proper procedure for cleaning it, which we provide you in the following details.

Gently Vacuum or Dust the Ceiling

Vacuum the ceiling gently with the brush attachment to keep from damaging the plaster or in place of a vacuum use a flannel cloth. In either case, use an extension pole to reach the ceiling rather than a ladder or stool for safety sake. Also, do not forget the vents and light fixtures if any are on the ceiling. Once you remove all of the loose dust, dirt and cobwebs from the ceiling, you can then proceed with the next step to wash the ceiling.

Wash Stained Areas

Mix one part bleach or hydrogen peroxide with four parts warm water for your wash solution for the ceiling. While other cleaning solutions may work on the ceiling, these two choices will not damage the plaster’s colour. Test other alternatives on an inconspicuous plaster area before using on the ceiling. With an extension pole and a clean, soft, damp cloth, begin washing the ceiling slowly, re-dampening the cloth when necessary. Be certain not to splash the solution on the walls since it may leave drip marks. If need be, repeat the process on stained areas, vents and light fixtures on the ceiling. Rinse with clear water with another clean cloth.

Precautions to Take in the Room Prior to Cleaning a Plaster Ceiling

• Cover the furnishings, light fixtures, lamps, flooring with drop cloths or plastic sheeting to prevent dust or other elements off the ceiling from dropping on them.

• Also, use an extension pole instead of a ladder to reach the ceiling for your own safety. It is dangerous to work with a ladder since you need to move about so much to clean the entire ceiling.

• Use a pulling motion to remove cobwebs, otherwise, they will stick to the ceiling forever.

• Wear protective, waterproof gloves to keep the cleaning solution off your hands. In addition, safeguard your eyes with goggles.

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