The Classic Appeal of Plaster Keystones in Modern Architecture

Blog |November 18th, 2016

Keystones are wedge shaped stones that are artfully placed at the crown or summit of an arch or vault. Sometimes a keystone is used as an arch that locks stones into place. Other times it is used as a decorative piece that adds charm and financial value to the surrounding structural design.

Today, many designers and homeowners are opting for a more cost effective solution and using plaster keystones in replace of the more expensive masonry ones. It is by far a better option when you are on a budget. As well, there is still aesthetic value.


When it comes to up-to-the-minute designing, your imagination is the only boundary. Today’s keystones are not just the traditional Victorian style of our great history. In fact, keystones are the ultimate feature for modern architecture. The selections are vast and well as custom made options.

Amazing Structure and Design

One of the greatest things about keystones is that they meld with the modern 3D world design. They also as connect to the past and our history of ancient designs. As well, keystones can be placed in numerous places to add a wonderful accent and style to a room. They can be placed above entryways, windows, doors, arcs that divide a room, on certain patio frames and even above the garage.

As well, plaster keystones can be added to an existing structure anytime you desire. You can install the pieces when construction is taking place or add the decorative keystones after construction.

A Variety of Options

Plaster keystones are ideal for adding a modern touch to any room or architecture. Instead of the classic Baroque or Victorian styles you can select from a variety of designs. For instance, some of the designs for a more modern look include authentic models Spanish style arches with the same size voussoirs and keystones or intricate leaf cut motifs that accent the entrance to your home.

Keystone Windows and Doors

One of the most popular modern looks in home décor is a French or Amish provincial. Both the interior and exterior walls and doors are often adorned with high quality plaster keystones for that extra touch.

Even better, keystones can be positioned on most any material including stone, brick, vinyl and exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS). They decorative pieces can be customized to fit a specific design or have a fixed length specifically for panel mouldings, plaster cornices (coving) and dado rails.

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