Best Qualities and Uses of Plaster Orbs and Urns

Blog |July 12th, 2018

Plaster orbs and urns have always been a staple of what is considered ‘high art’ décor. Long employed by the rich to display their wealth and status, orbs and urns, when used in a decorative sense, serve no purpose other than ornamentation.

However, classical examples of such bric-a-brac were often made of precious marble or other rare materials, and were further ornamented by rich tooling and inlay work, or were otherwise accented with precious metals. This made them far too expensive to own by regular people, and often became museum pieces or heirlooms upon the passing of the former owner.

Plaster urns and orbs, on the other hand, are affordable and equally stylish – replete with their own unique old-world charm. While not exactly as ‘precious’ as marble, crystal, or gem orbs and urns, plaster ones are nevertheless excellent additions to any interior décor and will help to add a touch of sophistication in just about any home.

Here are just some of wonderful qualities of plaster orbs and urns:

• Lightweight
– orbs and urns tend to be hefty, and thus difficult to move around. While this is perfectly acceptable in old, established houses, apartment-dwellers don’t always have the luxury of a literal ‘permanent’ residence and may benefit greatly with décor that can easily be transported whenever a move is necessary.

• Affordable
– compared to pricey examples, plaster orbs and urns are very affordable, regardless of the ornateness of their design, making them an ideal choice for those who hanker for a touch of elegance but don’t have the monetary leverage to invest in high-end décor.

• Versatile
– not only is plaster a versatile décor element, but the very material itself is capable of being moulded, slip-casted, etched, painted, or pressed in relief, and can take on an assortment of designs, in a broad range of stylistic aesthetics. One is bound to find something of interest or desired from the most intricate to the most minimalistic designs.

• Easily repaired – unlike high-end urns and orbs that are virtually irreplaceable once destroyed by accident, plaster can easily be repaired or imitated, making it a far more superior choice of décor, especially if a house isn’t childproofed or pet-proofed.

If you are interested in learning more about plaster orbs and urns, whether it’s for general information on maintenance and care, or you are considering adding to your current home décor, then visit us here at Hopkins Plaster Studio, your excellent resource for anything and everything related to plaster.

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