Best Inspirations for Home Designs Using Plaster Decors

Blog |January 27th, 2017

Plaster decors have been used over the centuries to enhance the interior and exterior areas of homes in an eye-catching manner. One reason for this is their durable construction. The majority of plaster elements in homes today will outlast the houses. Homeowners also appreciate the timeless appeal of the various types of plaster enhancements that range from dado mouldings to fireplace surrounds. We provide you a list of ideal inspirations or uses for home designs using these elements in the following info.

1. Add Plaster Adornments to the Ceilings

Plaster cornices of various designs are an elegant way to adorn your ceilings. Install these around the perimeter of the ceiling or on the various levels of it depending upon the build of the ceiling. Additional items that will work up around the edge of the ceilings are such ones as corbels and wall brackets.

2. Highlight the Entryways and Windows

Overhead plaster panels highlight the top or entryways whether they are to enter the house or just another room. You also can install these above windows for the same purpose. To heighten the effect, trim the outer edges of the doors and windows with the cornice design of your choice.

3. Decorate Walls

Dado moulding enhances the mid-section of the walls not quite halfway up from the floor. Typically, these are at a height of the back of your chairs and therefore, they have earned the nickname of ‘chair railings’. Another way to decorate the walls is to frame out a square or rectangle with plaster mouldings. You can place artwork, photos or plaster plaques inside these framed areas, or leave them plain with only the wall’s paint colour showing.

4. Accentuate the Fireplace

Transform a plain fireplace into an elegant work of art with a plaster fireplace surround. You can select from highly modern, French-themed or traditional designs for these decor elements.

5. Insert Soft Lighting Into a Room with Wall Sconces

You can hide lights behind certain models of wall sconces to add a soft illumination to a specific area of a wall. Of course, you might decide to hang the sconces without any lights.

6. Enhance Your Lawn’s or Garden’s Appearance

An orb or an urn will add a unique focal point to your lawn or garden. If you prefer, these items can be from cement rather than plaster. At times, cement holds up better outdoors than plaster does depending on the weather in your area of the country.

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