Best Ideas and Innovations that You Can Do with Plaster Cornices

Blog |June 16th, 2017

Plaster cornices of varied styles and periods have adorned the upper walls of buildings for centuries, adding playful fashion or formal embellishment to entire rooms or floors of rooms today. Frequently used in building during the height of the Roman Empire, cornices were of major importance again during England’s Victorian and Edwardian periods in history. Popularly used formal styles for cornices have included egg and dart, bead and reel and shell and bellflower, all from the Victorian Era. Other frequently used styles used were the chain – drape fashion during the Edwardian Era as well as the fruit salad design of the Federation/Art Nouveau period.

Best Innovative Ideas You Can Have for Plaster Cornices Today

Some ideal innovative ideas you can have concerning plaster cornice design and use today include the following:

• Shell and Bellflower Design with Art Nouveau Geometry. – By combining the rather static ultra-elegance of the shell and bellflower cornice design from the Victorian Era with the geometric smooth simplicity of the general Art Nouveau period, your dining room or entrance hallway can reflect the atmosphere and ambiance of a chic, but stately English drawing room.

• Modern Use of Chain-Drape Fashion. – By installing an Edwardian chain-drape design cornice as a high reaching border around the parameters of an octagonal-shaped solarium with tall French doors and windows, you can soften and refresh a repetitive fabric and trim theme with the delightful linear pattern of the multi-paned French entrance and window designs.

• Greek Key Design with Egg and Dart Overtones. – By installing a basic, well-regulated Greek key design cornice with suggestions of the Egg and Dart fashion statement as flirtations, you can create an unexpected sense of discord or atonality that somehow blends indulgently to please the eye and aesthetics.

• Greco-Roman Ram’s Horn Design with Scalloped Border.
– This playful joining of the ornate classical and modern-day doodle-pad decoration puts even the most staid stylistic scholar at ease with its teasing-to-please quality. You look and you laugh, then you smile with relaxed acceptance of what was not meant to be, but somehow is and got promoted as an updated fashion statement with lack of editorial feedback or disapproval.

By creating innovative combinations of older and modernized design modes and fashions in current cornice styles, you can restate a room’s design to suit your favored preference or whim. Even the most opposing styles can mingle and blend when allowed to do so, sometimes forming new modalities and variations to please, confuse or challenge the eye of the somewhat puzzled, but delighted beholder.

For expert advice concerning your own preferences and whims for new cornice designs to finish your home remodeling project, contact Hopkins Plaster Studio PTY LTD in Dandenong South, Victoria. Company experts will guide you in selecting your favorite new styles or style combinations for the ideal cornices to adorn your home.


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