Benefits of Incorporating Ornamental Plasters into Your Home

Blog |July 2nd, 2019

Back in the old days, middle-class to upper-middle class houses were just as stately and ornate as the homes of the aristocracy and nobility, albeit in a more subdued way than the latter two. One of the ways they accomplished this was the subdued and tasteful incorporation of ornamental plasterwork into their interior décor.

While plaster was an expensive investment in the heyday of its popularity, there has been a growing revival in vintage and period décor today. The great thing about this revival is the sheer number of affordable plasterwork that is available. Thanks to the wonders of mass-production, you can now purchase simple to ornate plasterwork without having to invest a fortune into your home.

What Makes Plasterwork Great for Interior Decoration

A lot of the plasterwork that can be bought in your local home depot or specialty décor stores is even geared towards DIY decorators. Of course, many are tempted to ask what the benefits of incorporating ornamental plasters into your home are. To help answer that question here are some things you should know:

Plaster for filling up space – if you have ever wondered what the best solution is to do fill up space, try plasterwork décor. Not only does it lend an air of elegance and class to any room, it automatically transforms any drab space into a vision of period perfection.

Accentuate pre-existing décor – if you enjoy mixing and matching decorative elements, or if you find that there is something charming about mixing modern and period décor, then using plaster décor as a means to combine two opposing aesthetics helps to bring a sense of old-world into your modern home.

Restore, enhance, or revive old décor – if you are one of the few people who are lucky enough to live in a house that managed to retain some of its period décor, investing in plasterwork is one of the most logical steps to take. Thanks to modern mass-production, it is even possible to imitate old plasterwork that has no pre-existing replica, to properly restore period décor down to the last possible detail. And, the great thing about this is that ornamental plasterwork is reliable and affordable!

So, if you are looking for a great resource for one-of-a-kind plasterwork for interior and exterior home décor, restoration, or replacement, then visit us here at Hopkins Plaster Studio. We are specialist manufacturers of classical and ornamental plaster products and premier suppliers to the construction industry.

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