The Beauty of Rose Plasters for Added Touch in Your Interior Design

Blog |March 30th, 2016

Nothing quite provides the ambiance of a bygone era as plaster enhancements do in a home or building. One such item that fits into this category is the rose plasters available today. Designs such as these come in a variety of styles at Hopkins Plaster Studio PTY LTD and are ideal additions to other plaster elements to enable the property owners to make a unique statement with their decor.

A Sampling of Styles of the Plaster Roses That We Offer Property Owners

• PC1 has a plain centre with a circle of design around it. Around the outside section, there is a ridged design. The outer border is just smooth plaster. While simplistic in design, this rose still dresses up any area where you select to place it. This selection is 550 mm. We also supply matching cornices upon request.

• PC13 is one of our ornate styles. The centre is plain with one thin circle of decoration around it. Around the thin circle, there is a wide chain and drape design followed by two levels of plain border and an outer ornate rim. PC13 measures 665 mm, and it has a matching cornice if so desired.

• HP007 is an ornate style of the rose plasters that we offer. It has a multi-layer, acanthus leaf design around a decorative, flower-like centre. Its size is 560 mm.

• HP0060 is a magnificent option in plaster roses that is exclusive to Hopkins Plaster Studio. The description of this option is “judge’s chamber”, and it is fitting for its ornate floral and leaf design. Its large size measures 1690 mm.

Uses for Plaster Roses

Our plaster roses are usable in a number of ways. You can place them on the ceiling as part of a larger design scheme that includes other plaster pieces to turn a drab ceiling into an elegant one. A wall design also is possible with one or more of our circular or oval roses of plaster. Another use of these plaster adornments is as a base for a hanging light fixture or chandelier. Whichever way you select to display this plaster element, you will add beauty to the room or area of your house or building.

Whereas the origins of the rose plasters were from the necessity to protect the ceiling from harm from the heat of candlelight, today they are simply for decorative purposes. Please, feel free to browse through all of our styles for these plaster elements to learn which ones suit your decor.


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