Beautify Your Home with Decorative Plasters as Light Diffusers

Blog |April 23rd, 2018

Light plays a very important role in the aesthetics, atmosphere, and mood of a home. While glaring overhead lights are a standard feature in most residences, these are only ever practical in areas that require excellent illumination. Working spaces like the kitchen and the living room may need overhead lighting, but this isn’t always the ideal choice in all areas of the house.

Natural light, compared to artificial ones, have always been the most desirable source of light. Barring that, soft artificial light has always been sought-after, and for many decades, the soft, albeit inconsistent light of candles, oil lamps, and kerosene lamps have always been held to a higher degree of aesthetic desirability.

Nowadays, such sources of artificial light may no longer be viable, but the same soft, mellow aesthetic appeal can be imitated with the use of light diffusers.

Decorative Plasters as Light Diffusers Can Beautify Your Home

While light diffusers come in a wide variety of designs, ranging from the industrial to the residential, one of the classiest light diffusers you can invest in for your home are ones that add to the overall aesthetic appeal, and that don’t merely function as upfront diffusers.

Decorative plaster sconces and mouldings are a great way to imitate the appeal of natural light or soft, filtered light while simultaneously improving the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

Here are just some of their many advantages:

• Elegant – plaster light diffusers are nothing new. During the Baroque Period and the Victorian Era, they were used to add an additional touch of ambiance to kerosene or oil lamps. Today, with the vogue for lighting switching from oil and kerosene to electric lighting, the purpose remains the same, and the same elegant look persists.

• Low-maintenance – plaster requires very little maintenance once it is installed. Aside from ensuring that it isn’t damaged by sharp bumps, all that it ever needs after installation is the occasional dusting.

• Affordable & aesthetically versatile – plaster is affordable, especially in the era of mass-produced and moulded plaster designs. There are now a myriad of different designs to choose from that suits whatever home aesthetics you are vying for, and all of them come at affordable to mid-tier prices.

If you are looking for an excellent resource for plaster light diffusers for your home, Hopkins Plaster Studio is your go-to resource.

Specialising in period imitation plasterwork for interior and exterior applications, they combine old-world aesthetics and meticulousness with modern-day practicality, to guarantee a truly spectacular home or office accent that is truly timeless.

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