Beautifully Designed Plaster Domes are Perfect for Highlighting Chandeliers

Blog |September 14th, 2018

Most ceilings in homes and buildings today are basically bland, smooth and white in colour and are definitely not exciting or appealing surfaces. However, if you add some decorative texture to a ceiling, it has an enormous impact on the style and d├ęcor of a room.

If you have a room you want to decorate or remodel, and you want to create an exciting and elegant space, then consider adding a chandelier on the ceiling mounted in a beautifully designed plaster dome.

Highlight Your Chandelier with a Beautifully Designed Plaster Dome

If you are planning to add a chandelier to a room or an open space, and you want to create and elegant style and atmosphere, then a special plaster dome is the best choice. Beautifully designed plaster domes are perfect for highlighting chandeliers,

Many people think that chandeliers are too expensive or just fancy light fixtures that would not look good in modern homes with smooth bland ceilings. If you prescribe to this notion, then you will be surprised to discover that you can hang a chandelier in any room of your house, even in small places like a walk-in-closet, in a way that will add amazing classical style and stunning visual appeal.

This is possible when you highlight a chandelier with a beautifully designed plaster dome, without making a room feel cramped. Plaster domes for ceilings are a permanent means of adding decorative texture to bland ceilings. These are molded in a variety ways to create distinctive and attractive textures. When compared to other materials used for ceiling domes, only plaster is capable of very distinct details.

There is no better way to transform the plain ceiling of a dining room, lobby, meeting room, or foyer than by installing an elegant chandelier mounted in a stylishly designed plaster dome. The right combination will create an eye-catching masterpiece that will definitely be the focal point of a room that will impress anyone.

If you want to add a touch of class to a traditionally designed home, office, historic building, or any commercial building, such as hotels, restaurants, office lobbies, convention centres, or theatres, then Hopkins Plaster Studio can help you add stylish plaster ceiling domes that are perfect for highlighting chandeliers.

Beautifully designed plaster domes can be crafted in different sizes and designs that can fit any room perfectly, allowing for the installation of chandeliers or other elegant lighting fixtures.

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