What are The Basic Factors of a Good Plaster Design?

Blog |March 23rd, 2018

Good plaster design work must display fine artistic form, balance, lines and if desired, clear motifs. Especially when master plaster designers are creating Roman style columns, Greek cornice work or Victorian style balustrade, the specific form and characteristic style elements of these historic periods must be evident to the observer. Of course, there are many diverse style elements within each of these major historical period fashion modes, each with definite and different meanings and making varied artistic statements. However, any excellent work of art and design must include good stylistic form, shapes, lines and balances in order to claim recognition as a truly fine example of its particular creative mode and artistic style or fashion category.

Some Basic Factors of a Good Quality Plaster Design

Some basic, underlying elements and factors of a good quality plaster-works design include the following:

• Form. – Regardless of the artistic style, mode or historic period that a plaster-works master is striving to embody when creating a work of artistry in plaster, the finished piece must have pleasing and fine caliber artistic form. It must fully exhibit the best possible visual and volumetric representation of the desired form as possible, and its ability to reveal this essential core of excellence and validity must be evident to the eyes of the viewer.

• Shapes and Balances. – Each element of a plaster work must have complete and true shape of expression. The entire piece must reveal and celebrate the strong positive volume of each stylistic component clearly while giving visual credibility to the negative or form-free space surrounding it. Pleasing and true balances are essential in all good artistic expressions and creations. For this reason, every individual form and nuance within the total work of plaster artistry must create tensions, relaxations and finally valid balances when the plaster work is seen in its final state, ready for exhibition and use.

• Overall Composition.
– The composition of a fine work of plaster artistry must make a powerful yet elegant statement to best celebrate is artistic strength and basic material joined together to create a valid and impressive work of beauty. If the plaster work represents a specific style period in art and history, this must be strongly evident. Every element of the composition must be true to form while creating a valid, pleasing, dynamic and artistic statement of visual excellence.

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