Add a Touch of Beauty to Your Home with Plaster Wall Sconces

Blog |December 14th, 2015

When you feel that your walls need further enhancement beyond plaster mouldings, there are the plaster wall sconces to consider since these items will fit nicely even in areas of limited space. Certain ones are ideal for light installation while others are mini shelves, or you can simply install them for ornamentation purposes. It depends on your usage of these sconces as to which style you should select for a room. Read on to discover a variety of ways to add a touch of beauty to your house with wall sconces of plaster.

Sconces are ideal to enhance other objects, such as the paintings that are hanging on the walls. You can install a light inside of a sconce down below the painting so the light illuminates the artwork. The painting will stand out to a greater degree with this lighting. One style of sconce that we offer here at Hopkins Plaster for this purpose is model HP4019 Elegance Slimline Small.

Another area of enhancement that a sconce works well for is in between two arched doorways that are side by side. Hang the sconce just above where the moulding turns to go over the doorways, but on the wall in the middle of the archways. Our style HP4009 Tear Drop wall sconce contains the right shape for this area as it gradually narrows down from its top trim moulding into a rounded point, which provides it with an almost teardrop shape.

Certain styles of plaster wall sconces are ornate enough that they are a decoration on their own. You will not need to hang paintings or pictures on the walls when you turn to styles such as these. Our wall sconce model HP4032 Art Deco is a prime example of these styles. In the centre bottom, it contains an upside-down, fan-like design with three rows of other ornamentation above it with a slanted top.

You also can utilise a wall sconce for a shelf to place a vase of flowers on to decorate your wall. A sconce such as this would have a flat top with no opening for a light. We recommend our model HP4008 Windsor for this purpose. It has a rounded bottom with a wide strip of moulding around the above this bottom and of course, a flat surface on top.

Ideas such as the ones above are just a sampling of the ways to add a touch of elegance and attractiveness to your home with plaster wall sconces. We have a number of other styles available besides what we mention here. Please, feel free to browse through our entire line of sconces to select the ones that fit your home the best.


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